At CBA Centrum för Beteendeanalys our mission is to increase individuals' quality of life and learning regardless of their disabilities. We offer our services to parents, educators, habilitation staff, organizations and individuals. We can help you if a child is exhibiting problem behaviors, it is difficult to teach a child something, or if you need support in your development in any area of life. Our staff are both psychologists and speech language pathologists and our services are informed by applied behavior analysis (ABA) . Read more about our staff here.

”Samarbetet med CBA har fungerat väldigt bra. Lyhört och lösningsorienterat med individens bästa i fokus.”


”Mycket fint och lyhört samarbete. Anpassar sig efter verksamhetens utmaningar”

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We offer supervision and trainings on site and remotely. If you are interested, e-mail us and describe how we can be of service