The behavior analysts at CBA Centrum för Beteendeanalys have varying other professions: licensed speech therapist and licensed psychologist.


Tobias Rasmussen is a licensed psychologist educated at Stockholm University. After graduating in 2011, he has used behavioral analysis in various contexts: Autismcenter för småbarn (Autism center får small children), Stockholms Stad PLUS, KBT-gruppen, Academedia and Banyan Center, Psykolog Partners. He has experience in supervising educators and parents in intensive interventions for young children with autism, working as a school psychologist and educating and supervising in parent training. As a behavioral psychologist, he also conducts therapy for anxiety, stress, worrying and depression.

Besides consulting for CBA Tobias works at Vestigio with PAX Good Behavior Game and has a blogg about behavior analysis at He is also a boardmember of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis (SWABA). Tobias är är medförfattare till böckerna Barn med autism samt Vänskap, skola, familjeliv.

Oscar Strömberg, CBA

Oscar Strömberg is a a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a certified speech language pathologist graduated from Umeå University in 2015. He also has a master's degree in special education with a focus on autism and ABA from Stockholm University in 2021. He has worked at Autismcenter för Små barn (Autism center for small children) in Stockholm and Banyan Center, Psykolog Partners with both intensive and targeted interventions for young children with autism.

Förutom sin tjänst på CBA jobbar Oscar som specialpedagog inom Stockholms stad. Där handleder Oscar fem olika grundsärskolor på Järvafältet i TBA. Oscar är medförfattare till boken Barn med autism.