Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the science about how we are affected by our immediate environment and how this knowledge can be used to create growth and quality of life. ABA is an area of expertise that can be seen as a branch of psychology. In Swedish it is called Tillämpad Beteendeanalys (TBA).

In ABA focus is on arranging an individual's environment to create positive changes in their life. This often means both optimizing the environment and teaching important skills the individual needs. If you want to read more about the definition of ABA, there is a post in the blogg beteendeanalys.nu (in Swedish)

ABA is contextual

In behavior analysis behaviors are seen as a product of the context in which they occur. The most common way of analyzing the context is defining what happens before, and initiates, the behavior and what happens after the behavior. This way of structuring the analysis is sometimes called ABC and sometimes contingency analysis.

Antecedent Behavior Consequence (ABC)

ABA for children with autism

ABA is common in early interventions for children with autism.. In these interventions, children learn skills that lead to increased quality of life and independence; such as communication, interaction and essential everyday skills. This type of program can be called many different things, for example IBT, EIBI, PRT, ESDM, are used. Here is an article from a parent's perspective about why children deserve interventions based on applied behavioral analysis.

Are you a professional wanting to know more about ABA?

There are courses and a master program at Stockholm University. The courses include applied behavior analysis and autism. The course sequence is verified by ABAI and possible to credit for a certification as a behavior analyst (BCBA). Unfortunately, the opportunity to get the certification will restricted only to behavioral analysts in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

If you have an organization where you would like to introduce ABA, you are welcome to contact us! ABA is a good choice for organizing the special primary education to teach students important skills.

Read more about ABA


Beteendeanalys.nu is a Swedish blog about behavior analysis

Beteendestöd i vardagen – Handbok i tillämpad beteendeanalys by Peter Karlsson is a Swedish book about the basics of ABA

Tillämpad beteendeanlays – Teori och Praktik, ed. Svein Eikeseth and Frode Svartdal is an anthology about ABA aimed primarily at academics

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