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Course for parents – "Children with autism"

Online course in skills training for children with autism.

4 tillfällen á två timmar, där du som förälder gör övningar med ditt barn mellan tillfällena.
Boken Barn med autism


Course for preschools "Children with autism"

Online course in skills training for children with autism aimed at preschool staff.

3 tillfällen, ofta förmiddagar 9-11.
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Boken Barn med autism

Om våra handledningsinsatser

We supervise both parents and professionals. We supervise both indirectly (talk about how to do) and directly (coaching in actual situations). We often switch between indirect and direct supervision. We strive to help you with practical strategies that work as often as possible. 

Individuell handledning kring barn med autism

We often supervise parents and educators in skills training for children with autism. We meet together, both parents, children and, if possible, preschool staff. The supervision consists of finding focus areas together, our supervisor shows how to perform the training and parents and educators get to train the child with direct coaching from the supervisor.

We do not provide the service of training with your child several hours a week, like a behavior technician. We help you set up programs and supervise those who meet the child on a daily basis. Those who train many hours a week are usually parents and teachers. In this way, you can give training to the child at a lower cost, in the child's natural environment. Föräldrar och förskolor vänder sig ofta till oss för denna typ av handledning när det av olika anledningar inte är möjligt att samarbeta kring insatser med habiliteringen.

School- and preschool supervision

In supervision regarding the school and student health, we reflect together on several levels, starting with the general classroom environment.

  • Which educationall and psychological strategies would increase the chances that more people in this particular class will be able to contribute to a good studying climate?
  • What accomodations and special support are then needed?
  • What skills would benefit the student?
We have competency in positive behavioral supports (PBS), applied behavior analysis (ABA) and in neurodevelopmental disorders like autism and ADHD. We always focus on how the environment affects behavior.
skolans uppdrag
Taking both academic and social challenges into account

We focus both on how we can increase the student's opportunities to cope with the academic requirements in the classroom and how we can reduce possible problem behaviors. It is our responsibility to create a good study environment, not to teach students to accept an environment that is too challenging. Contact us if your organization is interested in supervision.